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You Have Choices

there are three lines for your different needs. While all of our soaps are made with delightfully gentle botanical infusions and minerals, we definitely do not use yucky stuff...

  • completely free of palm oil

  • free of all synthetic colorants and mica pigment

  • paraben and phthalate free

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Shea Butter Recipe

for sensitive folks

Shea Butter is the main ingredient in my signature recipe, which is made without the use of common ingredients like fragrances, palm or coconut oil, or synthetic colors.
A luscious lather, sparingly colored and scented with natural herbs, essential oils or clays.
Little to no scent.

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Full MOON collection

These soaps smell delicious without being over powering.
A great option for folks who can tolerate higher levels of essential oils than in our Shea Recipe.
Medium strength scent.

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Lucky Witch Soap

richly scented and aesthetically crafted

Specially curated and hand blended scents are worked into this signature soap recipe, using skin safe synthetics to evoke warm feelings and fond memories.
This soap does not contain parabens or phthalates.
Scent level is medium to high.

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