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The beginning.

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

As long as I can remember bath time was a bit of an itchy experience. When you grow up in a big family only the most serious of ailments are tended to by a doctor. Besides, my mom was a nurse and could pick the right creams, OTC meds and quick fixes for most minor physical maladies. I don't blame my busy mother for over looking the complaints and occasional itchy patches that I would later come to correlate with the fun soaps and washes I so enjoyed.

When you also factor in that It was the 90's and and the gel body washes and french milled bar soaps were coming in all sorts of exciting colors and scents. When I did start becoming suspicious that my bath time routine was causing my discomfort I was a full fledged teen who wanted nothing more that to wear the most delicious scents.

The truth is there was not one single turning point in the story, but rather many moments of realization. In my childhood I thought that my discomfort was normal, in my teens I tried to hide anything about myself that didn't seem normal and then I started learning about plants. Its seemed there was a plant that could cure any ailment big and small, and where doctors would only address the most obvious concerns, I could walk into a health food store and buy an array of creams and supplements for a spectrum of discomforts. I came to trust and rely on 'alternatives' that really seemed more like old stand by's.

Anyway, these days I try to strike a balance between western medicine and natural plant medicine, but soap making practices are a reliable science based tradition. and though we no longer use the ashes from wood burnt for warmth and cooking the chemical reaction of lye with plant based fats creates a soap which is gentle and nourishing on the skin and the micro biome as a whole.

I no longer have to worry about bath time being itchy because I know exactly what is in my soap. While every body on the earth is different, I've become attuned to my own body. It's the synthetic colors, dyes and micas as well as lab made fragrances which bother my skin and nervous system. I make soaps and bath products that I know are safe for me. It is one of my hopes that my hard earned wisdom can benefit someone else.



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