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Sad Bathtime

The bath. I love both baths and showers(I suffer from big Capricorn goat-fish energy here,) and anything which is bath time adjacent is my friend -or so I used to think.

I used to love standing in stores filled with colorful, scented packages, sniffing the various scents to my hearts delight. I would indulge in buying a bath elixir of some sort. Weather it was a bath bomb from Lush, bubbles from whole foods, or scented bath salts from a posh boutiques. Putting the concoction into the water, the smells would creep up with the steam. The whole process of bathing is a great little ritual. From stepping into water and delightfully linger on my skin after. It was only momentarily delightful because also lingering after my bath experience was the itching. No matter how natural the product propertied to be. How could it be the source of the problem if it was natural? I couldn't make it make sense. There was nothing I could do but throw the product out and try again with a different one next time, until the things I could take into my bath became few and far between.

If you are blessed with sensitiveties then you know the struggle. Migraines from fragrances and cleaning products, I've got 'em. Repeated diagnosis of bv, which was actually contact dermatitis, I lived through it. But it was only with the help of fellow women, mostly on the internet, where I started to figure it all out. I found out that you can have an allergic reaction the toilet paper, to the dyes they use in clothing are incredibly strong, and you can even have a reaction to the colors and fragrances in the detergents we use to wash those clothes. The products we use in the shower should be easy to figure out, I thought. Once I learned to read labels though I finally figured it out, the ubiquitis term fragrance.

What the heck is fragrance? after a little internet sleuthing I found out that fragrance was an umbrella term for all sorts of thing that contribute to the scent of a product, and that since it was proprietary information that companies did not need to disclose exact information about what was in the scent.

So I truly felt that if I wanted to bring back the enjoyment of bath time then the only option left was DIY. I started to look into how to make my own bath products and I will share with you, in coming posts what I discovered and what concoctions I came up with as a result.

Moon Bath Goods is a company I created because I could not find a company making bath products for sensitive folks like me. I have been able to create a bath time ritual which brought me comfort and my hope is to bring the same to others.



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